Update on Site's Future, Donations, & My Current Situation

Hello fellow LTT fans, today, I bring you a small update on our future here along with my current situation. As many of you know, there have been a few promises for new content hinted at on our twitter (@wrong_luke) and in our discord(https://discordapp.com/invite/BxTgSQ5). Well, I do apologize for leading several thousand on with these broken promises.

The site first started as a joke, a meme as everyone like to call it, during a WAN show where Linus joked about a Luke Was Wrong domain being created, I had free time so I created it during the stream and had it up fairly quickly. I did not realise at the time that there's be several thousand LTT fans regularly checking the site for content, I had thought it would have been a funny in the moment meme for a few days, but then there were numerous fans asking and begging for content, merch, donation button, and so on. Therefore, I entertained them by creating a Twitter, Discord, and Instagram, along with a blog post on Oct 28, reaching 226 likes & 26 comments, along with several thousand visits regularly. After a while more and more kept asking for more to come of the site, even a small movie was in the works by a few discord members(now a dead project as far as I'm aware of for now). From this, I told everyone that there'd be more content coming soon, over and over, but never lived to bring it to life. This is where my life situations come in.

I was a college student in the Fall, along with working full time and having a Girlfriend and almost full time hobby to support all at once. Every time I sat down to write something for the site, I'd have to attend to something else before getting too far into a new post. I traveled almost every weekend for events, trying to balance everything. I would have had posts up regularly during all of this, but I wanted to give it more thought than a quick 10-20 minute writing session as the community deserves it. I'm one that enjoys depth and though to go into anything I read, even if for quick entertainment, which I couldn't do so often for the site then. Well, recently I have found out that my Girlfriend is expecting(6 weeks along now), and we both have been changing jobs to suit each other's lifestyles more easily without causing issues for the baby on the way in the future as she's a college student as well. I ended up dropping my classes this semester to be able to save more, and possibly pick up a second job to make sure we are living comfortably. This has been my, and I hate to use this word, excuse as to why I didn't live up to the promise of a new post last week. There's more going on in my and my significant other's life, but I shall keep it at that for now, as you're here for the meme more than personal stories haha.

Now, onto the future of the site. Well, the donation button now leads to a paypal.me link to a Luke Was Wrong paypal account, where any donations will go towards keeping this site active, and any significant excess will be used for either support of LTT, or whatever the community decides on together as a majority. These can be some electronics to make fun of, like if Luke reviews an item and y'all wanted a parody or something along those lines for it. Could also be used to support a forum for the site to have ideas for new posts and other topics instead of using Discord, which can be clunky for finding past messages and such. Really it's whatever everyone wants. Can also include merch, which several users on twitter have asked for since day 1. I will be having a regular schedule up for when new posts can be expected anytime in the next month, may not be weekly at first, but once everything settles in my personal life, it'll get to weekly posts.

I'm sure some people will think the donations won't be used for just the site, which if anyone ever needs proof of the money only going towards the site and what we all agree on, I'd be more than happy to provide proof of such.  Only time any donations will be kept for personal use is if the sender explicitly says an amount is allowed for such(even then, I'd more than likely just put towards a future forum or just use for baby items/small meal for myself once in a while).


I apologize for this post being long winded, and I'm sure repetitive, as I did type this all at once without really fixing any of it(it is almost 11pm, have work in the morning, and had a long week), so do excuse the messiness of this post, the future posts will be more well kept.


Don't forget, Luke Was Wrong ;)

Pokémon... Oh man. . .

Remember that time Luke was wrong about Pokémon? We sure do! In fact, it's what led to the start of this beautiful website.

"Electric doesn't work against Rock," the line that made Luke feel disappointed. Shortly after this realization, both Linus and Luke joked about using Squarespace to create a website about how Luke was wrong about Pokemon." Well, we took it a step forward, we're not going to stop at that one mistake, we will continuously update this site as more time is freed up to do so, all about how Luke Was Wrong!

This may be a simple post, but there will be much more in the near future, that is a promise that will be kept. Only reason for such a delay was sickness and lack of free time, but all of that will change soon enough.

If you haven't already, go follow us on Twitter @ wrong_luke | Instagram @ lukewaswrong |Chat with us on Discord @ discord.gg/BxTgSQ5